Starting solid for the little one

Some parents are confused and do not sure when to introduce solids for their babies.

Well, 4-6 months is good to go if your baby is ready. 

There are some clear signs for you to check whether your baby is ready for the solids, which included:

1. Head control

Your baby is able to keep his head in a steady and upright position.

2. Sitting well when supported

Your baby can sit steadily with support even he/she might not quite ready for the highchair, he/she needs to sit upright to swallow well.

3. "Keep" and "swallow"

Your baby needs to know how to keep the solid food into his/her mouth and then swallow it, he/she needs to stop using his/her tongue to push the food out of his mouth.

4. Significant weight gain

Most of the babies are ready for solid food when their weight is doubled with theie birth weight, (at least weigh about 15 pounds) and at least 4 months old.

5. Growing appetite

Your baby seems always hungry - even he/she had 8-10 feedings of breast milk or formula a day.

6. Chewing motions

Your baby's mouth and tongue develop in sync with his/her digestive system. To start solids, he/she should be able to move food to the back of his mouth and swallow. As he learns to swallow efficiently, you may notice less drooling – except if your baby's teething, you might still see a lot of drool. xP

7. Curious about what are you eating

Your baby may start eyeing your bowl of rice or reaching for a forkful of spaghetti as it travels from your plate to your mouth.


With these signs, you might try to feed your baby some solid food.

Cheers and have a nice day with your baby ;)

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