Mama Nursing Tea

Mama Nursing Tea, Number ONE Trusted Brand in Taiwan with 100% All-Natural traditional herb ingredients used by breastfeeding mothers to support healthy breast milk production. Mama Nursing Tea made with all-natural traditional herb ingredients with Additive-Free and No artificialcolours and also Ready-To-Drink convenient packaging for all ladies. 

It’s also Hannah Quinlivan favourite brand.

Nothing is more natural and healthy for a newborn than to be breastfeed. As a mom, we understand your worries about your baby if they aren’t getting enough milk when breastfeeding. If stress or lack of sleep are affecting your milk supply less. But no more worries, Mama Nursing Tea will help you to meet the significantly increased liquid requirements during nursing time in a delicious way and and continue breastfeeding your precious little one as long as you want.

Mama Nursing Tea also good for Ladies on their menstrual cycles due to its function in improving blood circulation. Mama Nursing Tea SUITABLE FOR ALL MOMMIES & LADIES!!


 Delivery in 1 - 2 days (West Malaysia)