Organic Farming


Natura Siberica Farm is the Biggest Organic Farm In Europe

INGREDIENTS  -Our organic farm cultivates the finest ingredients for many of our products. 

The herbs we apply have been traditionally used by Siberians for countless years, and were made into elixirs ofhealth and beauty for the Russian royal family. Their modern history began in the 1940s, when Russian botanists Lazarev and Brekhram investigated over 4,000 plants and herbs and finally identified twelve very special of them as adaptogens. These unique plants survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planet’s most severe environments: Siberia. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance general well-being, and when used therapeutically, are renowned for slowing aging processes of the skin.

Siberia is a unique region of Russia, where wildlife has remained unchanged for centuries. In order to survive in such harsh climatic conditions, Siberian herbs and plants synthesize protective active substances and possess strong anti-oxidant properties. Nowadays the company Natura Siberica uses these amazing properties of Siberian herbs and plants to transmit all their power to save the youth and beauty of the skin and hair. All the herbs, which are used in our cosmetics, are handpicked. In the laboratory we study their unique properties, in order to achieve the maximum effect. The creators of Natura Siberica cosmetics conduct research expeditions in search of the best ingredients for skin care.

Our products meet European standards of quality organic cosmetics, it is confirmed by numerous prestigious certificates (ICEA, ECOCERT, COSMOS STANDARD, BDIH). Natura Siberica is not just natural cosmetics and not just cosmetics based on herbs. This is the first Russian certified organic cosmetics. And it really works.

In Natura Siberica we follow an active social policy: we help the small peoples of the Russian North by creating new jobs in Siberia. Since 2012 we actively cooperate with the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North and the Far East. In 2013 we launched a program together with Irkutsk Botanic Garden according to which till year 2018 more than 70,000 rare plants will be planted.

In 2013 we began construction of the first organic fam in Russia, which has a certificate of the European bio-standard EU 834/0, where will be grown rare Siberian plants. Construction of the farm is carried out together with the representatives of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, who, like anyone else, know the specifics of their unique land. They also help us gather all the wild herbs and plants by hands for the production of Natura Siberica cosmetics.

Consumers appreciate Natura Siberica brand for its green approach, efficiency and accessibility. And judging by the number of the followers of the brand which is increasing every year, we are on the right track. Recently we have opened stores in Tokyo, Yokogama and Hong Kong. Our products are very popular in England, Germany, France, China and many other countries.

Natura Siberica has a number of international awards, among them:

• Best green cosmetics, Cosmoprof 2012 in Bologna, Italy

• Best organic products for mothers and babies 2013, London, UK, Natural & Organic products Europe

• Best Product of 2013, according to Allure Russia, 2013

• Winner in the category «Best face care product» awarded by Beauty Challenger Awards at the exhibition Beyond Beauty, Paris.

Natura Siberica creates the first organic farm in Russia where rare Siberian herbs and flowers will be planted. Unsurprisingly we decided to create the farm in Khakassia when you discover that it is only this unique region where lots of some of rare Siberian herbs grow. Our organic farm is certified by the European bio- standard EU 834/ 07. The area of the farm is 33 hectares; and thus it’s the largest in Europe!

By now together with local farmers we have cultivated 16 hectares of land, planted 14 species of rare Siberian herbs and got the first harvest. Moreover, there will be a hotel built at our farm so that everyone could come and visit us or even participate and the process of herbs planting or harvesting. Follow the information on the website and check out our videos and photos to learn more about our farm. You have a unique opportunity to see the process of creating the first organic Siberian farm from scratch. Don’t miss it!